Family Of Light,

The divide and conquer strategy has been used against humanity since the beginning of time.

Organised religion, race, gender, social status, politics, and vaccinations are all examples of how this strategy works.

When we are separated into smaller units, the entire group is more easily defeated and controlled. During this time our common bonds of unity are tested in the war over consciousness. 

So it is up to each of us to recognise these dive and conquer strategies in action, and not unknowingly feed energy into them. 

As sovereign beings, we all have the right to choose and should not be subject to shame and blame for our choices. 

I believe in tomorrow’s world, a place built on peace, unity, and love. This is my Garden Of Eden, a place I hold onto as we lean into the reality of our experiences. 

I hold in my heart the truth that WE ARE ONE and believe that we can create a tomorrow that is anchored in truth, integrity, and love.

Stay in the love and frequency of your heart.

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