Awakened One’s,

This is a piece I wrote inspired by hope for a new earth.

The Sands Of Time

There are times as if sand stands still, if only in our minds.

We as grains of sand shift from one age to the next, each time reaching a narrow passage before we are birthed forward into the next code of creation.

With each age we sink into darkness as we approach the narrowing passage.

All footprints to be erased by the winds of time.

As we move through the crushing of the corridor, it feels like the quickening, time speeding up.

We feel the compression pushing us to claim our power and to claw our way to the light.

As we navigate the narrow passage we each let go and release what no longer stood the test of time.

As we leave the darkness behind, we start to chart a new path to the light which we know is ready and waiting to welcome us into the creation of the golden age, the promised land.

Like sand, time does not stand still.

From aeon to aeon we move with the winds of time to a new age, a new world, a new code of creation illuminated by the spiritual son and the great central sun.

Let the light illuminate our path home to the promised land.

Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.

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