In order for me to energetically hold the space for our online community, all member need to be in agreement with who this community is for and what our vision is. By joining our on-line community you are confirming your agreement with our decree.

My declaration of intention is to create a loving community in support of women who are on the awakening path, who are soul and truth seekers and are on a quest of self-mastery. As we each move a step closer to self-mastery we simultaneously move a step closer to unity consciousness.

The spirit of my intention with AWAKENING, is to provide SOULutions and mentoring for women who are looking for more conscious and energetic support as they unfold along their awakening journey. This is a place where members will be invited to take personal ownership to uninstall faulty programs that have scrambled their signal to their soul. It is a place where you will look at all of your programs and ask if they truly belong to you.

It is my intention that our AWAKENING community serves as a container and a sanctuary of light designed to support women who want to live in the light as they unfold on this journey.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, which is about community, we will come together as sovereign beings and as conscious co-creators to create a life that is soul inspired as we embody unity and god consciousness.

This commUNITY serves the eternal living consciousness of God and we defend the Christ consciousness on our beloved planet as dedicated Christ warriors in service to God, Christ, and humanity. We are devoted disciples of truth, love, unity, peace, integrity, empowerment, freedom, and sovereignty.

And so it is. Lovingly Decreed.