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This is a world dominated by EGO. We live in an inverted system that reinforces parasitism and energetic vampirism.

To sustain or gather energy we overconsume to feel better. Sometimes this consumption is in the form of food, devices, alcohol, clothes, cars, homes, holidays, friendships and any other escape mechanism.

Those with high vital energy often suck or consume the life force from their environment. This is seen through consumerism which includes taking or sucking the life force from others to prop up their negative ego.

Letting Go Of The Ego To Reach The Highest Truth

As we go through ascension we start to feel a separation from these parasitic dynamics, structures and relationships. As a result, we start to come to a more natural energy level and start to work with the understanding of how to conserve our energy and life force and make better decisions in what we expend energy towards. We learn to sustain our energy from within and direct it sustainably.

As you go along your awakening path, you will start to feel yourself pulling away from foods, organisations, brands, roles and people that you are in a parasitic relationship with and is built within the structure of consumptive modelling.

Here are a few examples to share from my own experience.

  1. Two years ago I stopped eating chicken and meat and now I’m trying to also eliminate fish from my diet. I’m increasingly finding it difficult to reconcile killing an animal, another living being made from living god force, for my pleasure. This is when I started to feel and see the reverence of all of life in all of it’s expression.
  2. One year ago I stopped consuming dairy and sugar. I no longer rely on synthetic products like man-made sugar to help me sustain my life force.
  3. I sold and donated many pieces of clothing and accessories and have completely simplified my life. I released attachment to “things” and “social image” that only fed my EGO.
  4. I looked at all of my cultural, religious and societal beliefs and pulled them out one by one. I compassionately sat with each as I reflected on my own personal truth. As I released attachment I felt this freeing sensation. I do not need to do or be anything. I can simply be LOVE and that is enough.
  5. I stopped using titles to describe who I was. I eventually left LinkedIn and all social media platforms as these structures did not feel congruent and authentic to my personal truth.
  6. Catch up’s with friends and family became more authentic. I traded fancy restaurants for park benches and embraced the majesty and beauty of mother earth.

Humanity has been led to follow a pyramid scheme in which the human ego takes centre stage and everything beneath is designed to serve the hungry ego.

This is the beginning of parasitism and energetic vampirism. When I first awakened I had this stark realisation that the animals and plants were co-existing with me and that I was not separate or above them. This image reflects the AHA moment I had.

As I started to awaken I got clearer on how to read the energy signature of people, places and things. This helped me co-create responsibly while simultaneously conserving energy which now I choose to direct in a healthy sustainable way.

I no longer support big brands, labels or any 3D-created structure that has been built on false foundations.

This is when I stopped being a slave to the 3D system.

Although the road was initially painful, the immense gratitude I feel now for this gift to be free is immense. This is walking the path of truth through gnosis – direct experience.

Now, the way I create energy is by developing my relationship with God directly and becoming conscious of my choices in how I direct my energy. This took some time as I had to rebuild trust within myself, trust with my inner child and trust in God. This is how I started to replenish my energy.

Ultimately we are eternal souls who came into this material plane to learn lessons to grow spiritually. Many of us including myself experienced an identity crisis. I had forgotten who I was as I projected one false identity after another, reaching for the next title, next brand, and next piece of clothing hoping that I would feel secure and grounded. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As we leave this earthly plane one thing we will keep is our level of consciousness, hence why so much is being done to suppress our consciousness on planet earth.

As we awaken and remember our true eternal spiritual nature, we naturally start to rebuild our connection with our inner Christ which leads us all the way back to unconditional love. This is our stair step back to God.

Are You Dedicated To The Truth?

When we overcome resistance to face our inner pain, we then consciously take charge of our unravelling as we learn to be vulnerable with ourselves and those we love. We learn to release attachment and expectations of people, places and things and start to tune into our deep inner spring – Christ Consciousness.

One day at a time we forgive our choices and learn to start again, this time with greater resolve and understanding of why we are here and having greater reverence for all of life.

I am the Light that shines over all things. From me, all came forth and to me all return.

P.S Here is a video that will help you release attachment and expectations

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