Liberating The Inner Child

$47.00 exc. GST

In this one hour online workshop, I will mentor you through your guidebook as you;

  • Complete a quiz – is your wounded inner child still in the driver’s seat of your life
  • Learn how your unacknowledged inner child is impacting your emotions and experiences as an adult.
  • Let go of the blame game and the emotions your inner child was taught to repress.
  • Discover the critical connection between your first chakra and your inner child.
  • Uncover the core needs of the inner child so you consciously re-parent the child within and prevent repeating these patterns with your children.
  • Get ready to commit to self-care practices to harness the inner child joy and innocence that are your birthright.
  • Liberate your inner child by writing her a loving letter as you take a trip down memory lane – prompts provided

Inner Child

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