The SHADOW {Free Workshop}

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Spiritual ascension is not glamourous, it requires dedication in the self-inquiry process and in clearing miasma with shadow work, being totally honest with ourselves and others, and attempting to open our crystal heart petals as wide as possible to allow the pure love of God to guide us through the maze of confusion and darkness.The shadow is elusive; its had to catch. Often others see our shadows long before we do.
Right now the world is being thrust into a global “Dark Night of the Soul”. For all of us to move to New Earth, which is a new way of living at a higher state of consciousness, we need to be prepared to do the work to get there. Shadow work isn’t fun BUT it will liberate you.

In this FREE workshop you will;
1. Explore examples of spiritual bypassing
2. Learn what the shadow is
3. Examine where our shadows originated from
4. Identify our shadows (both dark and light) and if you have spiritually bypassed them
5. Understand the connection between our collective shadow body and our individual shadow body

The Shadow

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