The Age Of Aquarius: How to navigate your life, soul mission, and career

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In this 45 minute online workshop, I will mentor you through your guidebook as you;

1. REFLECT on this new era in human evolution and how it will reveal itself in your reality and the collective experience.

2. LEARN how to work with the opposing energies of Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) in Aquarius (think outside the box) and how it will impact your life, career options, and soul mission.

3. IDENTIFY key strategies on how to navigate the energies of Aquarius and it’s ruling planet Uranus to shape your life choices.

4. CREATE the right team environment for these birthing energies for bottom up innovation and to honour the individual while respecting the collective.
I look forward to sharing the wisdom of the cosmos with you as we find ways to liberate ourselves and prepare for the Age of Aquarius.
Age of Aquarius
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