We have entered the next phase in the planetary ascension cycle. We are currently experiencing the next level of reckoning or clarification of the principles we live by.

This decade will be known as the consciousness transformation decade for humanity.

If there is a part of our life that is not congruent or aligned with our spirit, it will become more amplified to help us take a closer look.

The ascension process is calling us to undergo the dismantling process of our ego personality so we can align our consciousness to our spiritual self or higher Self.

Every last vulnerability, limiting belief, sore spot, emotionally hurt area, or physical issue is blaring to the surface and demanding our attention.

We each have to deeply examine the hidden places we have been unknowingly suffering from misalignment. We are being called to look at our choices and assess if they are in alignment with our soul and the natural laws of God.

Our inner work is to recognise where our perception has been controlled through ego-mind control programs designed to create pain and delusion.

The problem

Most beings are deeply enmeshed within the manufactured reptilian mind control programs which live in their psyche and unconscious mind. They have either lost sight of the natural laws of god or are unaware of these natural laws.

Our programming keeps us fragmented, confused, busy, overburdened, and distracted, leading us away from exploring the self, as everything else seems “more important.” These programs are designed to attack concepts of individualism, autonomy, and self-leadership.

How can we align to our inner spirit, truth, and the natural laws, when our perception has been completely controlled to believe in a false version of reality?

How did we get here?

Since the beginning of time, the fear, divide and conquer strategy has been used against humanity by off-planet entities. These strategies have been used to control perception and direct collective consciousness levels into ignorance and subjugation.

This has been achieved through reptilian predator mind control programs that have been meticulously implemented through the major pillars of society that target all facets of our life. These mind control enslavement programs include;

  • Financial and debt enslavement (Consumptive modeling, competition, hierarchy, survival)
  • Cultural Programming (Gender hierarchy)
  • Violet Organised Religion (patriarchal domination, animal sacrifice)
  • Socially engineered programs (push, produce, sacrificing the self, gender, vaccinations, social class)

We will

  • Review the astrological lineup supporting humanity to assess these mind control consciousness traps.
  • Examine the four main reptilian mind control programs and how they reveal themselves in our everyday reality.
  • Witness within ourselves where these manufactured predator mind control programs stem from.
  • Learn how to stop falling prey to these enslavement programs and to see who we are beyond the layers of programming so we can reclaim personal sovereignty.

Who is this workshop NOT for?

  • Those who believe that what is happening on our planet is a coincidence.
  • Those unwilling to see where they have created misalignment through their choices (no spiritual bypassing allowed).
  • Those who do not believe in mind control programming being used against humanity.
  • Those who do not believe that off-planet non-benevolent entities exist (anti-christ)

What you will receive

  • Live one-hour online workshop. Registered participants will also receive a recording.
  • A comprehensive guidebook including specific questions that will direct you to go within and make logical observations around these enslavement mind control programs.

Terms and Conditions

  • Our workshop will be made available to the general public for purchase at a later date.
  • Strictly no refunds unless the organiser cancels the workshop
  • By registering for the workshop, you agree to be recorded. If you wish not to be seen, you can simply switch your camera off.

Closing Comments

There is no running away from what we have to face inside ourselves at this time. We are being called to purge these inorganic programs and consciousness traps.

We are truly walking the path of forced self-mastery to overcome these mind control programs that have scrambled the signal to our soul.

As we each release our old stories and programs, we will come closer to personal freedom and planetary liberation.

As a Starseed, I am here to help humanity leave behind inorganic programming so the consciousness on our planet can move out of its enslavement phase. I am here to support humanity in cultivating an accurate understanding of the nature of reality on earth, bringing awareness to the anti-human and enslavement agenda, and helping reeducate humanity to an organic human-based value system that will lead us to self-sovereignty, spiritual freedom, and liberation.

Ultimately we have a choice to behave and conduct our lives as our chosen authority.

May we come to know the strength, protection, and peace of God on the earth.

May Gods perfect peace be in your heart. Be kind to yourself and others.

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