Family Of Light,

Over the coming months and years, we will all be coming to terms with our programming and attachment stories around the third-dimensional structures we have built our sense of security around. These may include establishments such as medical, education, banking, pharmaceutical, religion, technology, and many others. 

  • How would you feel if you lost your job?
  • Are your identity and self-esteem defined by your role? 
  • How would you feel if you could not afford to live a certain lifestyle?
  • How would you feel if you couldn’t afford material possessions that define your perceived social status?
  • Would you feel sinful for questioning aspects of your religion?

Our programming keeps us busy, overburdened, and distracted, leading us away from exploring the self, as everything else seems “more important.”

This is an important time to start to explore your beliefs and the above questions will help you start to ponder as the coming months and years we will be pushed to transform beyond our attachments and our fear-based belief systems. There will be no place for these fear based beliefs as our beloved planet continues to rise in frequency.

Our programming focuses on; 

  • sacrificing the self
  • work hard
  • make more
  • buy more
  • need more
  • compete
  • push
  • produce
  • worship celebrities and authority figures

Ask yourself if these programs;

  • Nurture human potential or do they limit its possibilities?
  • Support brotherhood and harmony, or do they create separation, segregation, and power struggle?
  • Teach you to respect all life?

The mainstream program tells us that everywhere we are helpless and victimised by forces beyond our control, that the world is a harsh and cruel place of limited resources for which we must compete, that our bodies are vulnerable and unable to protect themselves against disease, that humanity is chaotic and “sinful” and human nature cannot be trusted.

These programs are not organic to the angelic human race on planet earth. These programs have come from other multidimensional systems that have been used to create a prison planet which creates a divide within ourselves and with each other.

These programs keep us fragmented and confused, so we will not notice that our freedom is being stolen out from under us.

We are programmed to repress and invalidate emotional cognition. The intuitions and higher senses give you direct access to greater power and knowledge. And you are taught to negate, fear, devaluate, disown and discredit intuitive perception. 

We are taught, just as our parents have been, to believe that we are only what exists between the top of our head and the tip of our toes. You are trained to doubt the self, fear the self, punish the self, and place your trust in authorities or “experts” that exist outside of you.

When I started to sit in stillness during the early days of my awakening, I found I was able to start to trust myself more and ultimately I have been able to develop higher sensory perceptions that have guided me along this life experience. 

As we each will be called to reorientate ourselves from service to self to service to others, we will begin to purge these consciousness enslavement programs. We will each feel a desire to service humanitarian goals as we rebuild our beloved planet.

I hold in my heart My Garden Of Eden and I look forward to creating a reality that serves each other in harmony, peace, and love.

Remember you are the eternal living light.

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