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In a recent blog post, I stated my intention of being of service as I step more into my planetary role.  

“I am here to help humanity leave behind inorganic programming so the consciousness on our planet can move out of its enslavement phase. I am here to support humanity in cultivating an accurate understanding of the nature of reality on earth, bringing awareness to the anti-human and enslavement agenda, and help reeducate humanity to an organic human-based value system that will lead us to self-sovereignty, spiritual freedom, and liberation.”

Over the coming years, we will continue to see the crumbling of establishments and structures that have been built on false foundations. I will dedicate the next few blog posts to unraveling these false role models and structures, one at a time. 

You may find the below information very confronting and if this is the case, know that at some point this information will be coming out on a wider scale. Right now you will have some time to process what the majority of the world population will also come to learn. There is no way for us to move to the Aquarian Age if the truth is still being concealed.

I do understand the gravity of this content and I know this will be challenging for many to accept. My intention is not to offend anyone but rather to respectfully share this information which can lead to empowerment and illumination.

Right now we are asking for the spiritual strength that is required to learn about the truth in these matters, and then to stand bravely for the truth to be revealed to all. Standing in the light will reveal the depth of the darkness that has been hidden from us for so long.  As humanity we need to get awake and aware of the real circumstances and stop condemning or victimising our human spiritual neighbour who is speaking truth.

In today’s blog post I will focus on how the Vatican and the New Age have positioned themselves as “Role Models” we should obey through mid-control worshipping.  (Note: these strategies don’t just apply to the Catholic Church).

I was raised as a catholic and I believe in God and Jesus but I do not believe in the church as a structure. As shared previously, I serve the eternal living consciousness of God and I defend the Christ consciousness on our beloved planet but I do not defend the church as a structure. I believe we can cultivate a deep connection to God directly without having to give our power away to a structure or an intermediary that has been created to mislead and program us.

I am saddened but not surprised to see the Catholic Church encouraging their devoted disciples to be vaccinated. The Vatican is also playing its role in this anti-human agenda that is currently being rolled out on our planet.

In time much will be revealed and in this blog post, I will share what I know to be true through my personal experience, research, and higher sensory perceptions. I have had a lot come at me to stop me from sharing what I know. What this tells me is that these false structures do not want to be exposed. It is time for humanity to know the truth.

Over the many years, we have been programmed to believe that the Vatican and its church are role models we should worship and obey. We have been programmed to believe that they have our best interests in mind and instead we have been programmed and indoctrinated into false worship.


Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini was put in power who established the Vatican as a sovereign nation, through the Lateran Treaty of 1929, ending decades of struggle between the Italian state and the Papacy.

A top objective of the Vatican mafia control was accumulating and concealing vast amounts of wealth from global criminal activities when deposits were made in the Swiss and Vatican bank accounts.

These funds are used for money laundering and funding the overall objectives of the One World Order (war, depopulation, GMO’s, human trafficking, vaccinations, etc) in favour of these satanic ruling elites. 

The Vatican remains a massive power and global control center for running the One World Order pedophilia operations for Satanic rule, which is overseen and managed by the ruling bloodline families.

This is a very complex subject where layers upon layers of deceptions, lies and cover stories are put in place to confuse the masses about the real agenda and intention behind these structures and organisations.

Below are two images from the Audience Hall in the Vatican. Do you see anything holy in this place?

Ultimately the main theme is “Abuse of Power”

New Age

This is also operating in the “New Age”. Unfortunately the most emotionally fragmented are recruited into the new age guru programming. The era of guru/student has expired and is coming to a close.

Most of these recruitments for spiritual communities use a similar template that can be immediately recognised, and that would be the power interplay between the Guru-Disciple archetypes. The Guru is given levels of Absolute power and worship from the devotee, in order for the disciple to believe she/he is blessed with eternal salvation through the grace being dispensed.  Many groups still believe this to be the pathway to find God, rather than finding the God within.

Many people really cannot tell the difference between a charismatic narcissist acting in the role of spiritual authority/guru and those that are heart-centered and loving people that are dedicated to being compassionate truth seekers. 

The path to sovereign freedom is to learn how to become inner sustained, and thus self-sourcing, which is a result of building ones inner light source directly with God. We cannot pay another money for our salvation, we must simply do the inner healing work required of our heart, soul and spirit.

You cannot know through the intellect, a book or what an external source is telling you is the real truth. You are left with your feeling senses and that is all we have to go on reliably at this time.

Ultimately, impostors (people or organisations) are revealed over time if we are willing to know the truth. Seeing the truth in time will force many to go into denial but ultimately this truth will free our people and our beloved planet.

May we pray and hold all human beings standing for the truth and their love for humanity, to be surrounded in the spiritual armour of God and the divine plan, so they are made invincible and invulnerable to the divide and conquer tactics and spiritual warfare of the Anti-Christ.

Remember, what we fear controls us.

May Gods perfect peace be in your heart. 

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