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In my last post,“The Role Of Role Models – Part 1“, I talked about the Vatican and the New Age and their hidden agenda to deceive and manipulate dedicated worshippers. 

In today’s post, I will focus on Celebrities and how they are used to promote the antichrist agenda, and how they position themselves as role models.

Please note that most people in their ego will feel conflicted when they perceive their ideology is being challenged, or that their belief in the nature of reality is being called into question and you may feel this as you read my post.

Many times people are resistant to resolving any of this because it means they would need to make  changes in their lifestyle if they were to admit the possibility that this could be true, or their ideology is flawed. 

We all must learn how to resolve these conflicts within ourselves. Otherwise, we are living in fallacies and deceptions and there is no way to be guided towards truth and clarity. 

You may find the below information very confronting and if this is the case, know that at some point this information will be coming out on a wider scale. Right now you will have some time to process what the majority of the world population will also come to learn. I do understand the gravity of this content and I know this will be hard for many to accept. My intention is not to offend anyone but rather to respectfully share this information to empower you to make educated decisions.

Some people will choose to stay in cognitive dissonance because they don’t know how to resolve the conflict they have. This is another point as to why we must develop critical thinking skills and intuitive skills, to come into deeper self-awareness.

My intention is always to empower and illuminate and never to force so please only take what resonates with your frequency.


Do we know who these people are beyond what the media tells/shows us?

The more famous a person’s image, the more initial’s behind their name, or the more wealth they have, somehow that person is considered credible and influential as if what they say matters. This is followed by the masses, many times without merit. By portraying dominating, narcissistic, or superficially charismatic personalities as desirable traits that have access to powerful authority, expertise, and wealth, these types of people are assumed to be instantly credible no matter what their true character or their real actions behind the scenes.

Originators of social programming on planet earth have invested heavily in making sure we idolise celebrities and place them on pedestals before ourselves which only reinforces the program of hierarchy. The program of hierarchy is not organic to the angelic human race. The program of “hierarchy” is one of many programs installed by non-human entities to keep us enslaved within a system of control.

The celebrity industry has done a great job at keeping us distracted and invested long enough so we continue to feed this false reality that only supports dark energy and consumptive modeling. They get off on adoration from others in the worship program, like many people that crave fame and celebrity for some kind of personal recognition. More and more we see this with social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Celebrities are used as puppets to roll out whatever the agenda is of the elite bloodline families. These controller families are connected to off-planet entities that have interfered with humanity since the beginning of time. 

To manipulate the perception of credibility in the masses, the controllers introduced the flashy commercial appearances of credibility through fame, wealth, or celebrity that are artificially produced in marketing, advertising, and propaganda machines. The mass belief systems are shaped to believe what the advertising campaign and social influences are telling them is credible, no matter what the real motivations behind it are.

Of late I have started to notice the G.O.A.T symbolism amongst athletes and celebrities. The more I searched, the deeper down the rabbit hole I went. 

GOAT goes way beyond, “Greatest Of All Time”, what it refers to is the DEVIL. Seeding of language is one way we are subliminally programmed over time. The antichrist agenda is alive and well on our planet. 

It’s no coincidence that popular artists are often wearing goat costumes or being photographed holding a goat. This is all part of the bigger picture of mind control.

The collaboration between Nike and Lil Nas uses zero filters in its direct advocacy towards Devil worship while the public is unaware of their hidden deeper motivations. By carrying out these deceptive antichrist agendas, these death cult bloodline families believe they get to rule the earth forever as living Gods, above any laws.

Perhaps consider why there is a  Netflix series called “Lucifer”, a movie called “Fifty Shades Of Grey” and why there are so many movies around “Sorcery” and the “Royal Family”. 

Collectively the masses have been unconsciously conditioned by the controlled media to celebrate darkness and depravity by being entertained or fascinated by it.

This agenda has a multi-pronged approach. It filters through all mainstream programming and avenues. This is why we need to be careful what we give our children access to. I canceled our Netflix subscription twelve months ago as I started to read the energy signature of this medium.

The mainstreaming of Satanism and the mainstreaming of Luciferianism, are the current dominant cultures that are being methodically and secretly constructed through an array of social engineering experiments, ultimately promoting the Death culture. 

These controller groups desire to make the more extreme Satanic and Luciferian ideologies and their related behaviours and rituals fully mainstreamed and socially integrated. Thus, the agenda is to mainstream these practices so that they will become legally protected when their various harmful activities are openly disclosed or observed in full view of the public.

When it comes to our children, it’s important to discuss what is and what isn’t appropriate online viewing content. Many reports are demonstrating that young teens are now accessing vast amounts of pornography. As custodians and stewards of our children, we must educate them and be cognisant of the online platforms they access.

Classic dark Satanists and Luciferians glorify themselves through the ultimate heights of Narcissism and lust for power, using knowledge to feel superior and to take an unfair advantage over others. 

So this is why it’s so important to deeply know yourself, to become clear about your value system,  and to understand that this is how you develop personal integrity, to follow your core principles that hold meaning within your heart. 

Once you start to see through the marketing deception, you are coming closer to the true nature of what and who is controlling our planet. 

The Hollywood and entertainment satanic death cults are especially involved in these unethical activities. The entertainment industry has used subliminal programming to condition the masses to become violent, hyper-sexual, and prone to impulsive self-destruction in which to increase the forces of chaos.

Idiolising others take us away from being inner-directed and instead we become externally distracted and motivated. Worshiping celebrities and guru takes us away from coming inward to the fullness and wholeness of our inner god connection.

The more we idolise others and neglect the self, the more we lose our sacred identity. The more we look for external validation, the more we give our power away. 

The person we should be idolising is our self because we are a spark of God. 

Know that in the eyes of God you are each loved and valued equally.

There is only one of you with this unique energy configuration. Only one on this planet at this time. Isn’t that a profound thought!

This is why our uniqueness is so incredibly vital to sustaining our planet.  Currently, the transhumanist agenda would like to eradicate everything that makes us unique sovereign beings.

For those of us with young children, we have an opportunity to educate them on the beauty of their uniqueness and to minimise exposure to social programming around celebrities and their propaganda.

Ultimately, impostors are revealed over time if we are willing to know the truth. Seeing the truth in time will force many to go into denial but ultimately this truth will free our people and our beloved planet.

Thank you to all those on the ascension path and indigo teams, as it is you that hold the courage to dream the dream for the rest of humanity. By holding the dream and never giving up, you are the promise that the dream will never die and that we can and will, create a free planet for the future of humanity. We will live our dream.

May Gods perfect peace be in your heart. Be kind to yourself and others.

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