Hi Beautiful Soul,

Much of what we do here in our community is to empower you so you can reach self and soul mastery. There is no spiritual bypassing here!

What I have come to learn during my awakening is of the interconnectedness of all things. It came as no surprise when I started to see the overlap between Reiki, Astrology and Personal Colouring. To support you to the best of our ability, here are additional services to assist you on the awakening path. I have taken the best of these ancient modalities to help you;

  • Discover your soul path and career possibilities
  • Identify key soul lessons you are here to learn and master
  • Determine which influences are strongest in your life
  • Uncover your energy colour signature

Astrology Report

I made this video a few years ago (click here) . It will shed some light on the benefit of an astrology chart using examples from my chart.

Every natal chart is like a fingerprint.

Being able to understand the interconnectedness of all of the different forces at play is no small task.

Please note: Astrology is powerful but it isn't a field that asks one to revel in one's astrological sign in an obsessive manner. It is an aspect to understand ourselves from a planetary point of view, which is not the only point of view.

Astrology is not a religion, not fortune telling, nor is it magic and it doesn't control your future. If you are using Astrology to spirituality bypass then I would suggest that you spend more time tapping into your inner wellspring of wisdom and strength.

Astrology is not designed to allow external predictions to control the outcome of your life. If you have fear and mistrust yourself, or you are unable to make decisions then this is not for you.

Instead our Astrology report is designed to give you insights around:

  • Your soul path and career.
  • Key soul lessons you are here to learn and master
  • What influences are strongest in your life
  • When great opportunities might present themselves

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Hands-On Reiki Session


Reiki is the heart of healing.

In this one hour session, I use my energy to HEAL and allow the wisdom and intelligence of your body to direct me. To learn more click here

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Energy Colour Session (On-line)


Your seasons are interconnected with mother earth.

We will determine your best colours and elements found in nature that align with your energy vibration.

You can enhance your energy through intentional dressing. Radiating the element that makes you feel at ease with yourself is a powerful tonic.

You will also discover the personality profile behind your seasons and possible career directions.

Finally, you will learn how to build an integrated mix and match wardrobe using your right colours.

You will receive

  • a full colour swatch so you can shop with laser focus and purchase the right pieces
  • a video recording of our session

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Combined Astrology and Energy Colour session (On-line)


You’ll receive

A combined Astrology and Energy Colour report plus a comprehensive colour swatch. Once you receive your swatch and report we will set up an online session where we will review the results of these ancient studies which will weave the interconnectedness of all your energy elements and frequency to show you

  • Your soul signature
  • Your personal energy vibration
  • Career possibilities
  • How to work with 1st density elements of water, fire, wood, and metal as they appear from your key astrological placements and your personal energy number
  • Best colours to help you radiate your energy signature

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Mentoring - 5 Steps To Soul Self


5 x 1-hour mentoring sessions
Click here for details

You will receive a

  • video recording of our sessions
  • combined Astrology and Feng Shui report

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Mentoring - First step - Awakening


1 x 1-hour mentoring sessions
Click here for details

You will receive a:

  • video recording of our session


Online Personal Brand Clarity Session


When you fully embrace who you are and find alignment between your inner world and outer expression you will feel more empowered, confident and have greater direction.

During this 2-3 hour session we will reflect and answer questions around your,

  • values
  • beliefs
  • who you are
  • your superpowers
  • why you do what you do
  • career aspirations
  • finish with a personal brand statement that reflects your soul direction

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Please note:

  • All services are to be utilised within 12 months.
  • All rates are in AUD

I hope you find a service that speaks to you on a soul level.

See you on the inside