Family Of Light,

This is truly an incredible time for humanity as the true female principle is returning to the earth.

Today’s blog is about the much-awaited return of our Mother’s Sophianic Consciousness to our beloved planet.

There is a divine female presence that has been denied on this planet, that is now emerging to show us the path of higher wisdom and love that is the true path of Sophianic consciousness. Now we will experience mass spiritual healing of the true female principle returning to the earth.

It’s time to honour the emergence of the divine feminine. She is restoring her true identity and reclaiming her divine power on this earth. The divine feminine is embodied through our true Holy Mother presence in the Sophianic consciousness.

On July 6th, 2021, I sat with Mother Earth for some time, and through higher sensory perception I received the message that the divine feminine is returning to our planet.

It came as a shock to me to learn that we have yet to fully witness the true essence of the divine feminine principle.

As a collective female group, we are embarking on new levels of being a woman on the planet at this time. We are walking through a gateway of feminine transcendence and feminine transfiguration. We are leaving behind the old archetypal energies of the female wounded warrior and shifting into the new empowered female prototype through the goddess gateway. 

Many women became the wounded warrior because they felt they had to, so they could function in a masculine-dominated world. Over time we numbed the sensitivity of our inherent connection to the divine forces as a coping mechanism. The social programs in which we were raised, only reinforced that our powerful connection to the divine be continually suppressed or distorted.

For many of us our female creativity, intuition, and personal power were not encouraged. Unrecognised and unheard, sometimes abused, we internally rebelled against the system. This was an ancient conflict of the denigration of the divine feminine principals activated within our cellular memory.

In refusing to be dominated by a patriarchal system, we simultaneously closed our hearts to who we really were. Out of alignment with our true nature, we no longer could receive the natural flow of abundance. Life became more of a struggle and we could not figure out why.

This is what sparked my awakening journey in January 2018. I was completely out of balance with my feminine and masculine principles and I remember thinking that I needed to “soften” and to be “still”. I no longer needed to be the warrior and be all things to all people. I had switched off my heart center and became mentally driven to tackle my daily “to-do” list. Having spent the last 13 years working with women I saw that my story was the story of the many women I served. 

As many of you know I have supported the work of the divine feminine for many many years and wrote a book called, “The Rise Of The Empowered Woman”. More recently, I have come to learn what has been done to our divine mother which explains why we have felt a separation from her essence. 

So what is the true divine feminine essence?

No one on the earth actually knows what the authentic feminine spiritual expression truly contains in consciousness, as we have only experienced her principle in reversal until now. 

To prepare the earth to fully receive the awakened wisdom of the Sophianic solar consciousness, the solar feminine christ, we must begin to see and know what has happened to her and her children, to all of humanity.


We must understand that what is promoted as Divine Mother through dark female archetypes is actually not the Mother at all, but an imposter that took her place by inverting her consciousness which is used to manipulate us. 

For eons of time, the divine feminine essence has been portrayed through dark archetypes that feed reversal networks. Many books, movies, songs, and celebrities have promoted the “Seductress”, “The Dominated”, “Dark Witch”, “Femme Fatale” and the archetype of Black Lillith, all of which have programmed women to reinforce the divine feminine being promoted through dark manipulative archetypes. 

Treating women as sex objects or breeders, believing women are inferior in intelligence, treating emotional intelligence and intimacy as a waste of time, believing women have to be beaten down to show who is boss is what has been done to our divine feminine essence.

In countries around the world, we see the enforcement of genital mutilation and honour killings of women. 


By refusing a forced marriage or because they were raped or for not being fully veiled; they are subjected to public lashings and are often killed.

I have no words to adequately express how I feel about this. As a basic summation, it is a complete violation of basic human rights. 

Would you accept this for yourself?

I know my last two blog posts have been centered around the violation of human rights but humanity can no longer choose to sit on the sidelines. 

As a human race, we need to witness what has been done to humanity before we can spiritually heal and move to the Age of Aquarius. 

Why is it that in this day and age we still have beauty pageants starting from the age of four years old that requires children to look like grown women? This programming is carried forward into adulthood as women continue to parade themselves half-naked in shows such as Victoria’s Secret and Miss Universe pageants.

How does this programming support the growth of the divine feminine?

They don’t, they purposely invert this divine principle at the earliest age possible.

To break free from the social programming of obsolete gender roles, we can discover balance in the masculine and feminine principle by exploring higher expressions of the ascending human.

Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, sexual objectification of women, and even revealing itself in toxic femininity which sources from an assortment of socially groomed mind control behaviours.

Women, as well as men, can embody misogynistic behaviours which enforce subconscious compliance to self-imposed misogynistic attitudes such as toxic femininity that appears in such anti-female archetypal forces as the Dark Mother and the Luna Woman.

New Age Lunar Illusion

Many are unaware that the moon is a hijacked satellite that is used to siphon our female life force energy. Many new-age groups focus on moon cycle rituals and manifesting rituals which leads to feeding the lunar woman and consciousness. The lunar matrix was put in place to invert the female principle which prevents the true and accurate representation of the holy mother.

Shedding The Lunar Woman

The female feminine principle we were born into in these bodies, they have been coded into this third dimension and therefore under the control of lunar forces without our awareness. Our body, our menstrual cycle, our biorhythms all of the metabolic structures that are hormonal have been suppressed by the moon. 

These lunar energies had been suppressing our reproductive organs or sexual organs and our hormones but now the female body is being released of the lunar principle, to embody the solar feminine.

So the lunar force that controlled our bodies is now being superseded with solar force, which is coming from the Christ sun.

Many women and men have been taught to feel empowered through the many ancient lunar teachings of cycles from the moon lineages. Over time people who are  deeply connected with the moon as a source of ritual may begin to feel unsupportive of such ceremonies and rituals.

Now we are moving from the dark age of the lunar form to the ascension cycle with the solar feminine.

Resolving Mother Issues
With the current ascension cycle focusing on the return of the Solar Feminine Christ, this is a time that many of us will be exploring more deeply what it really means to be a female and exploring what it means to embody the true female principle.

Whether male or female, those of us at this stage of spiritual development will be spiritually working to resolve our Mother issues, our inner female archetypes, and relationships.

We have been born onto earth with an imposter Lunar Mother ever-present, carrying a Lunar Consciousness in our sex which is in direct opposition to our highest self, misunderstanding who we are as women in this world, and how that belief has shaped our role as mothers, daughters, and wives.

So what is the solar feminine essence?

Our mother’s sophianic consciousness arrives to bring the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine back into unity and balance. Our protector and overseer along with her intelligent energy is the spiritual principle and connection to the higher sensory perception and intuition access in the higher soul bodies.

Her consciousness allows us to experience;

  • heart-centered presence
  • energetic balance
  • self-expression and self-awareness. 
  • the complex richness of being alive and experiencing life
  • connect with ourselves in healthier ways
  •  a greater sense of peace and creativity

Whether we are in a male body or female body, we have the female principle born within us that represents our relationship to the divine and spiritual worlds, which we access through our sacred crystal heart.

So what can we do to live a life aligned to our inner spiritual life force?

Here are virtues and principles that I call on to help me navigate an authentic life as god’s child.

Remember; choose love, love, and more love. This is truly the year to live in this world and not be of it.

May our sacred crystal hearts stay wide open for each other as we welcome in 2022 and the return of sophianic consciousness to our beloved planet.

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