On the 03.03.19 at 2.30 am, spirit came to me and said;

“Don’t be afraid, you are a Palmer”

How did I know if what spirit said was true?

Because it spoke directly to my soul and not my ego. God has a plan for my life.

For so long I have been a teacher and healer but I’d never thought of myself this way until clients started saying, “Thank you, Janette, you were so good for my soul”, “I always feel better after I’ve spent time with you”.

Before spirit joined me on my awakening journey, I felt separate and disconnected from myself, mother earth and the world around me.

My journey back to myself began in February 2018 and amplified in September 2018 when I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening. 

This experience sent me into a spiral. It forced me to go within and really look at all of my parts and to finally deal with my childhood trauma so I could finally heal my inner child. 

Waking up was a tough and challenging experience. I had to release my ego self and come to terms with childhood wounds that I left buried for so long to maintain the status quo and appease others.

I knew that if I was to continue to heal others then I needed to fully heal myself so my higher self and gifts could truly shine. My angels and the divine have guided me every step of the way and as I started to create this community, spirit sent me many signs to confirm I was heading in the right direction.

Know I see that the reason for my kundalini awakening was to prepare the meeting space for my higher self so I could go forth and share my wisdom with those who are ready and who are also waking up.

I have since been working with spirit and the archangels in clearing my chakras so I could arrive at a space of inner peace. Now they are asking me to move out into the world, be of service to humanity and to assist those who are looking for more from their reality.

As a way-shower, God and my angels are asking me to share my light and lessons so together we can expand our consciousness, find balance within so we can move to unity consciousness.

This one-hour session in our Garden Of Eden is for you if you’re:

  • feeling as though your life is false
  • craving for meaning and purpose
  • feeling anxious and fatigued
  • feeling like your inner work has surpassed your family
  • trying to figure out how to speak with people who are still asleep
  • beginning to ask deep questions
  • realising that a lot of what you’ve been taught is a lie
  • feeling lost and alone
  • seeing through the illusions of society
  • wanting to ‘purge’ your life
  • beginning to experience deep empathy and compassion
  • becoming aware of your old negative habits
  • wanting to deeply understand who you are
  • feeling drawn to nature
  • experiencing relationship troubles, unexpected life changes, health issues, a loss of a job

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As your spiritual mentor, I will help guide you to your truth so you can live in the light, one spiritual step at a time.

By sharing my wisdom in my special way with those who are ready, I am helping my soul tribe rise vibrationally so they too can walk their chosen path and rediscover their birth promise.

It’s time to be the person God has created you to be.

Your Light Leader

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