Beautiful Beings,

One of my triggers during my awakening was this deep desire for mental stillness. 

I recently read a study in Science  2014, which discovered that people would rather be electrically shocked than left alone with their thoughts.

Yes, you read that correctly…..

When was the last time you left yourself alone with your thoughts? No music to listen to, no distractions, no books to read, no phone to check?

What I discovered since learning how to be still was how energised and grounded I felt afterward. In fact, now I can’t imagine how I would get through my day without taking time out to be still with my thoughts. 

If we don’t take the time to go within, circumstances will manifest that show us that we still have work to do, just as my client Carol experienced. 

When we went on to have kids, it raised some new issues. And it felt like two hundred steps back!!! In some ways I had never felt lower in my life. Or at least – not for a long long time (I was a late mum too). I lost any sense of “me” I had gained”

I know “Sitting meditation” isn’t for everyone so here are alternatives to help you go within: 

  1. Journalling (this has worked wonders for me)
  2. Take a walk in nature or along a beach (Nature is my lifeline)
  3. As you take a shower, imagine it clearing your energy field. Imagine the water helping you to cleanse and release stress, anxiety and all that no longer serves you. This will help you be present with yourself in the moment
  4. Sitting in traffic can be frustrating, but why not turn it into a meditative experience? Turn off any music and just allow yourself to sit in silence for a moment. Observe any thoughts that flow into your mind but try not to judge them or engage with them. Then take 5-10 conscious breaths to help you still your mind and release the energy from the day passed.

Being with our thoughts allows us to raise our conscious awareness and free us from the heavy thoughts that keep us bound.

Its time to find the gift in stillness and free yourself….

Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.  

Your Light Leader 

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