Family Of Light,

When I went through my sudden awakening in 2018, I was forced to STOP. 

Up until this point, I’d always had some sense of what direction my life was moving towards. 

Now, I was forced to move into a state of “not knowing”.

During this time mother earth became my teacher as I sat in stillness and remembered how to listen with my heart. 

As I started to reconnect with my heart, my inner guidance started to speak with me. In these moments of stillness, I started to reconnect with my true nature. The more the layers of ego feel away, the more I removed programming and conditioning, the more I could feel my true essence being re-birthed.

All the things I thought were important, no longer carried the same weight they once did.

?Moments became more precious
?Connections became more joyful
?Conversations became more meaningful and
?My inner guidance became my navigational tool.

The dismantling process was challenging but the LIBERATION and sense of FREEDOM that replaced the illusion were immense. I no longer feel the need for “titles” or “labels”, or anything that requires external validation.

I AM THAT I AM…..and this is more than enough.

STILLNESS is what has created SUSTAINABILITY and was the road back to SELF.

Stillness requires nothing of you, yet what you gain in return is a way of living and being that is more in line with your true nature.

Here is a video by Eckhart Tolle on “The Power Of Inner Stillness”

Here are my suggestions for achieving more stillness in your life;

?Sit in nature – with no objective but to look and listen
?Close your eyes and empty your brain
?Watch how mother earth goes through her seasons of life

Organisations that promote a stillness culture recognise that people have both a mind and a spirit, seek to find meaning and purpose in their work, and desire to connect with other human beings and be part of a community.

What would your teams look and operate like if they had more time for stillness?

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My light I send you.

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