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Timeline Convergence

In order to spiritually heal, we have to understand what is happening to us and awaken to see the truth of what is behind the consciousness slavery of planet earth. Awakening happens over and over again, each time revealing the deeper hidden layers of truth that we are here to […]

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My Liberating Awakening Story

Hi Beautiful Beings, My awakening journey started in January 2018.  Here’s a snippet of my story. During this time, I started to document my entire journey because it was like nothing I had experienced before.  I started to unhinge and dismantle from all the third-dimensional structures that I had identified […]

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Re-Identification Of Self

(AWAKENING Community – Free On-line Workshop Series) When I went through my spiritual awakening in January 2018, I felt like my whole world was going through significant change. After I did deep inner work, went through my ego death and my dark night of the soul, I turned to astrology to […]

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