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Thoughts Matter

Why Thoughts Matter…

“We sanctify that which we do by the dedication of our life, to be conscious that all one’s actions are in the presence of  God and that every action affects all of mankind. So, your life is no longer trivial. The fact that you are on a river fishing, as […]

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Are You Dedicated To The Truth?

Family Of Light, This is a world dominated by EGO. We live in an inverted system that reinforces parasitism and energetic vampirism. To sustain or gather energy we overconsume to feel better. Sometimes this consumption is in the form of food, devices, alcohol, clothes, cars, homes, holidays, friendships and any […]

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The Planetary Ascension Initiation + FREE GIFT

Family Of Light, This year is the pinnacle of the planetary ascension initiation that is imposing a personal spiritual initiation as a great consciousness shift and transformational change being made upon us all. This initiation may be experienced by the surfacing of obsolete dysfunctional programs that either manifest in situations or are released from your cellular […]

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Birth Of A Butterfly

The Birth of A Butterfly

Family Of Light, We’ll we’ve had a slow start to 2022 because for two weeks from 14.01.22 – 29.01.22 we had Venus and Mercury (personal planets) both retrograde (Rx) at the same time in Capricorn which is where Pluto (planet of transformation) has been stationed since 2008. We also had […]

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Are You Awakening?

Family Of Light, Are you feeling like you’ve lost your direction? Are relationships dissolving in your life? Have you lost your job? What if these changes are divinely directed?  What if the universe is asking you to shift and evolve into a more aligned and advanced state of being?  For […]

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Lessons During My Solar Return

Hello Beautiful Beings, This has been one of the most challenging and equally liberating years of my life. This year, everything became crystal clear. Finally after much soul searching, deep honest self investigation and acceptance, I have finally set myself free. **Free from programming and conditioning that had scrambled my signal to my […]

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