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I Believe In Tomorrow’s World…

Family Of Light, The divide and conquer strategy has been used against humanity since the beginning of time. Organised religion, race, gender, social status, politics, and vaccinations are all examples of how this strategy works. When we are separated into smaller units, the entire group is more easily defeated and controlled. […]

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Wings Of Awakening

They were created to soar They were created to sing They were created to be free and to talk with the wind. So why do we clip their wings and still expect them to sing? Why do we put them in cages and ask them to dance? Why do we […]

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New Earth

The Sands Of Time

Awakened One’s, This is a piece I wrote inspired by hope for a new earth. The Sands Of Time There are times as if sand stands still, if only in our minds. We as grains of sand shift from one age to the next, each time reaching a narrow passage before […]

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