Beautiful Beings,

If you are on the awakening path there’s a chance you have worked with both shadow and lightworkers.

This video will help you understand the role that both healers can play in your life. 

What I have discovered from speaking with light and shadow workers is that from a young age they have experienced a series of traumas, challenges, and other difficulties but they understand that these were not intended to hurt them, rather awaken them to the healers that they are. 

They draw on their past challenges to help others see the higher message from these experiences. 

Both shadow workers and lightworkers are equally important, their end game is to help others heal and to bring them back to the light.

No matter where you are on the awakening path let the world see who you are.

Don’t dim your light according to who is in your presence.

When you own all parts of yourself, your people will start to recognise you when your paths cross. If you are not shining at your unique fraction of light, how will your people find you? Everything not serving you will naturally fall away because they will not be vibrating at your frequency. 

So remember you are not for everyone.

Instead, stop hiding in the shadows of your true self, embrace your weirdness, and face your true north.

The world is filled with people that no matter what you do just don’t like you but it’s also filled with those who love you fiercely, they are your people, your soul tribe.

Talk to the people who can hear you, don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to convince others of your value.

Don’t try to convince them to walk alongside you, you will be wasting your time so politely wave them on and continue on your way

Remember sharing your path with someone is a sacred gift, so choose wisely and keep shining your light.

Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.

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