As of 2012, our planet reached a significant milestone. Mother Earth shifted from third-density to fourth-density but we the custodians are still needing to clear our third density shadows so we can move closer to the light of love and unity consciousness.

Third-density correlates to our solar plexus, our will, and ego. Fourth-density correlates to the chakra of the heart. This is the birthplace of unity consciousness.

One lesson I witnessed is that every time I went into “control” mode, it only lead me to further separation. When I started to see through the lens of love, it brought me closer to unity and oneness.

During this life the soul lessons I have been moving through include;


Over the past few years, I have learned not to point the finger, not to pass judgment for we are all living our lessons and have our own catalysts to integrate.

Now I see others as an extension of myself or an aspect of myself. We cannot truly serve others unless we see them as an extension of ourselves. 

No matter your age, it’s never too late to clear your shadows and move to love and acceptance. Now is our chance as brothers and sisters to unite in the light of love for we are each other’s keepers.

To assist humanity I am making my shadow workshop and guidebook available for FREE.


It is time to clear out your unhealed wounds of your past so you can rise up and claim your light of love

Continue to walk in the path of your soul and luminous light!

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