Family Of Light,

Over the past few years, I have been hitting up against frequency fences in the astral layers. More recently Holy Mother Arc has joined us and is assisting in the dismantling of these frequency fences with  her aqua blue ray. These frequency fences have been holding us hostage on planet earth. These frequencies have been impacting our consciousness and preventing people from ascending to higher frequencies.

In case you are wondering this is what the frequency fences look like (the ones I have been working with)

There is so much love for our species and our planet. There is so much benevolent energy here to support humanity as we move from the no longer to the not yet. 

What this means for you

Our beloved planet has moved into higher frequencies that are located in a future time-space, into future timelines or time cycles that resonate with much higher dimensional frequencies and this ultimately impacts every being (micro) and our planetary consciousness (macro).

A major collective consciousness shift is happening where the planet is rolling up the lowest three frequency bands, 1D (root chakra), 2D (sacral chakra), and 3D (solar plexus chakra), into the higher frequency bands in the next Harmonic Universe. 4D (Heart Chakra), 5D (Throat chakra) and 6D (Pineal gland chakra). This means that the lower three-dimensional frequency bands will cease to exist in the planet.

If you find yourself still operating from your ego and in survival mode (3D consciousness) and trying to maintain the status quo, you will start to feel the pressure to transform.

You may start to feel increasingly uncomfortable, extremely pressurised, and unhappy. Many will feel the squeezing pressure to transform rapidly through the alchemical theme of polarity synthesis, which helps to bring completion to these old karmic patterns from the past. We must be willing to let them go.

If you find yourself feeling this pressure, please know that it is a natural process as part of the ascension cycle. Please please please be gentle with yourself. I know how tough it feels. I’ve been there in the trenches. With my hand on my heart, I can tell you that if you commit to this shadow work, there is an endpoint and you will be released from the shackles.

For us to transcend our limitations, we need to see our unhealed issues that keep us tethered to the lower energies in the 3D timelines. As we are being pushed rapidly through old timelines, it can feel that we are being plummeted with the dark energies of past obstacles, but it is important to recognise why this is happening and to not give up. We are being purged deeply and the remaining content is processed into higher light and consciousness.

So right now we must be willing to put in the effort and time to heal ourselves, see the core of the truth in the matter, and forgive the past patterns to release them.

Next steps
You can start your healing journey by doing shadow work. Here is my free guidebook and workshop. There are also other great free resources online that can assist you.

Our responsibility now is to practice unconditional love for all that we see and to see everything and everyone around us as connected to the unified whole.

Now we can reach higher points of transcendence, elevating us to rise above these dark obstacles that previously manifested as blockages in our highest expression and purpose.

Remain a vessel of love and remember that we are each other’s keepers. You are not alone. I love you.

May Gods perfect peace find you wherever you are.


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