Family Of Light,

Over thirteen-years, I’ve seen my fair share of black pants and long-forgotten buried pieces that haven’t seen the light of day.

In my role as a stylist and personal branding expert, I found myself having deep conversations with clients around programming, as I spent countless hours in overflowing and cluttered wardrobes!

One thing I can say with certainty is that we own way too many clothes and many of us have a wounded inner child who is still trying to fill a void.

Listening to clients share their personal stories I discovered where their original source of programming began.

Our programming often starts during the first seven years of our life as we live through our root chakra, connected to safety and survival. Depending on your conditioning you may have developed a program that says;

  • I’m not good enough so let me buy some clothes to lift my mood
  • My low self esteem means I need to  find something to fill the void
  • I was raised in “lack” so now I will overcompensate to fill that void.

So helping clients express their authentic selves meant I needed to go back in time before I could help them leap forward towards their future selves.

On the surface it seems like a small task but in reality I discovered there were many layers of entrenched programming that I needed to sift through before I could reach their authentic core.

It was this level of work that sparked my interest in pursuing valuable healing strategies and learning more about the conscious and subconscious mind. 

So what is the connection to consumptive modeling? 

Consumptive Modeling is the consequence of the Negative Ego. Money and materialism are highly valued by the massess, this is the area in which most people give away their power of consent.

Continuous consumption leads to debt enslavement along with extreme levels of waste products that the earth cannot possibly continue to cope with. 

When we remain externally focused we are held hostage by our three lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) and stuck chasing false recognition and living the illusion.

My advice to clients was to maintain a lean wardrobe and not to buy a new piece unless it could be worn with three other pieces in their wardrobe.   

Smart women need smart wardrobes!

More and more I see clients craving simplicity.

Imagine how free you will feel with less!

Through my growth and evolution, I have started to make more conscious decisions as I practice responsible co-creation. 

Now that many of us have migrated to a hybrid work model, how much of your wardrobe are you wearing?

Instead of searching online to buy another pair of jeans or black pants try spending that time learning how to be sustained from within because no pair of jeans will every fill the void.

So the next time you feel an impulse to “buy” another piece of clothing, ask yourself if it’s needed, why you are buying it and consider the ripple effect on our beloved planet.

When we leave our mother earth we won’t be taking our clothes, car, cash, or home with us.

The only thing coming with us is our soul because it is eternal.

Perhaps you could spend this time sitting with the feeling of gratitude for all that you have been blessed with, which will increase your inner sustainability and heal those layers of programming.

My light I send you

P.S If you’d like to get to the core of who you are beyond the layers of programming, below are some of our services. 

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