Hello Beautiful Beings, 

In my last post, I shared the main reasons why many people choose not to embark on the awakening journey,  BUT sometimes the calling is too strong to ignore.

At a certain point in our lives, we look around at everything and everyone around us and think, “there’s got to be more.” This thirst for something deeper and greater than material pursuit is what initiates us onto the path.

Yes, being different and walking your path can be uncomfortable, tiring, confusing, and alienating at times – BUT there are so many rewards to reap from this courageous way of living.

  1. You are free to follow your true soul path and become the person you are destined to be.

2. You can innovate and create to your heart’s desireYou can connect with people who truly support and nourish you (your soul group).

3. You can experience tremendous mental, emotional, and spiritual growthYou can make a real difference in the life of others.

4. You feel more ALIVE, more vibrant and energisedGratitude, excitement, and joy come more easily.

5. Many unexpected doors open to youYou feel a sense of self-respect for courageously pursuing your life purpose.

My thoughts

  1. Walk your path. Don’t walk the path your parents predestined for you just because you feel emotionally indebted to them. 
  2. Don’t walk a path that appears to be yours, but is society’s fabricated ideal of who you ‘should’ be. 
  3. Don’t walk a path just because you fell into it and it’s “good enough.” 
  4. Don’t walk a path that you feel a sense of enslaved duty towards because it’s what you “need to be” doing according to dominant sociocultural standards.

My light I send you.

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