Hi, Awakened One’s

Do you thirst for freedom, truth, and authenticity?

At some point in our lives, we will be challenged to walk our path. 

Although choosing your path may initially sound very empowering, there are many reasons why most people prefer to follow the herd.

# 1

Walking your own path means that you might be REJECTED by others. You might be gossiped about and you may be outright alienated or estranged from other people.

# 2

It’s a hell of a lotta WORK. No one is out there giving you a map, a set of rules, or instructions that tell you what to do (although I have created one for you based on my own personal experience). YOU have to be responsible for figuring it all out from scratch.

# 3

It’s “too much” RESPONSIBILITY. When you take your path into your own hands, YOU are responsible. There’s no one to blame, point the finger at, whine about, or feel victimised by.


They don’t know where to START. We seem to be raised in cultures that tell us that there are a limited number of paths, so when we do stumble upon the possibility of taking a new path that goes against the grain, we are intimidated and invalidated by our social conditioning.

My Thoughts

Walking your own path, on some level, requires a conscious choice in which you say “YES”, this feels true to me and what my soul really craves for.” That means CHOOSING your own path in a very conscious way.This is where you will find freedom, truth, and authenticity.

Look out for my next e-mail where I share the first-hand unparalleled benefits I discovered from walking my path.

My light I send you.

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