Family Of Light,

Christ came to our planet to teach us the way of love and help us move from third-density of separation to fourth-density of unity and oneness.

As of 2012, our planet reached a significant milestone. Mother Earth shifted from third-density to fourth-density of consciousness but we the custodians are still needing to clear our third density shadows so we can move closer to the light of love. 

The most important thing we can do right now for our beloved planet and for ourselves is to prioritise our own growth.

As we experience a dismantling of our false egos and the false sense of self, we gradually move with a deep knowingness to the essence and purity of who we really are.

We each, prior to our incarnation, establish catalysts that help us learn soul lessons. These catalysts can be situations and or people who willingly agree to assist us in having these learning experiences. Today I wholeheartedly thank each and every person who was a catalyst for my growth and learning.

From my own experience, these catalysts can be intense and I have learned to honour the role of the catalyst and those I see who are living through a catalyst. I now choose to honour that part of them that is reaching for the light for I know the struggle is real.

I have had much shadow integration to do to clear the old programming of third- density. This work is truly liberating and very possible to do, as long as you are open to honest self-investigation.

Right now it’s easy to get swept up in thinking our story is the right story or that what we know is the truth.

Instead, I encourage you to look within and sit with what these worldly events are bringing up to your conscious awareness.

Here is a channelled video I made about unity consciousness.

I made this video prior to fully comprehending my own shadows and the programs I was still to work through. Given the current climate, I can see why this message felt important.

Humanity is now able to leave behind the separation of third-density and move towards the unity of fourth-density by staying in our heart chakra.

Love is the way through……

Continue to walk in the path of your soul and luminous light!

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