Awakened One’s,

In order to be liked by others I must be like others……

What a trap!!!!!

When you came into this third dimensional experience you choose what you would look like and what soul lessons you wanted to work on, why would you not want to honour that?

There will never ever be another you in this dimensional experience…. really just let that sink in….

Sameness will not get us to oneness

Last night I was sitting on my bed with my 7 yr old and she said, “Mum I can see your lines on your face and your white hairs”.

I said, “Yes mama and I love them. I love being me because there will never ever be another me again.”

This morning I went to my local coffee shop and there were three young women who looked like they had just come off the Kim Kardashian factory line. The pouty lips, eyelash extensions, the dark straight hair parted in the centre, the “natural” make up look and the tattooed eyebrows…. you get the drift.

The more we idolise others and neglect the self, the more we lose our sacred identity.

The more we look for external validation, the more we give our power away.

The person we should be idolising is our self.

If you feel resistance to this message then ask yourself why?

So if you are still looking for someone to emulate and look like, go and find the first mirror you can find and do your best to honour that image of god consciousness that is looking back at you.

God and the world needs you to embrace all your quirks and uniqueness.

In Oneness we unite in our differences.

My light I send you

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